About Us

Xeitgeist Entertainment Group Pte Ltd is a boutique IP acquisition, management, licensing and distribution company specializing in quality films and television programming.

Founded in 2011 by producers Mark Montgomery and Jomon Thomas, Xeitgeist works with it’s global partners to link filmmakers and financiers, bringing feature films, documentaries, television series and new media productions to life.

Our business success is founded on our experience in identifying commercial potential, profiling of risk/return/investment, effective finance raising, offset-underwriting management and distribution and sales management.

Dr. Jim Frazier

Chairman Emeritus

Mark Montgomery

CEO and President

Joe (Jomon) Thomas

Head of Global Production

Fio Nisi

Creative Director and Producer

Dr Simon Gadir

Strategic Advisor

Gaurav Mishra

Managing Director

Robert Beckett

Communications Ethicist